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ZN63A(VS1) 型户内交流高压真空断路器是三相交流 50Hz,额定电压为 7.2~12(24)kV 的户内高压开关设备。断路器符合我国国家标准GBJ1984《高压交流断路器》、JB3855《3.6~40.5kV 户内交流高压真空断路器》和相关的 IEC 标准,并且有可靠的联锁功能。断路器可进行频率操作,具有多次开断和快速重合闸的功能。断路设计成前后分装结构,既可作为固定安装的单元,也可与盘车配装任何单独的手车使用。

ZN63A(VS1) indoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50Hz indoor high voltage switchgear with rated voltage of 7.2~12(24)kV. The circuit breaker conforms to the national standard GBJ1984 "High Voltage AC Circuit Breaker", JB 3855 "3.6 ~ 40.5 kV 

Indoor AC High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker" and relevant IEC standards, and has reliable interlocking function. The circuit breaker can be operated at frequency and has the functions of multiple opening and fast reclosing. The circuit breaker is designed as a front-rear splitcharging structure, which can be used as a fixed installation unit or can be equipped with any separate handcart with turning gear.