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本产品为采用永磁操动机构操作的户内三相交流真空断路器,额定电压 12kV, 额定频率 50Hz,额定电流 630A-3150A, 短路电流 16kA-40kA。可直接用于 KYN28 型开关柜,无需对柜体做任何改动。


本产品将真空、永磁、智能控制等多项技术融于一体,在保持 ZN73 型户内真空断路器原有优点的同时,更具有以下优点:优良的控制技术与长寿命由于采用高性能永磁材料和采用高档微机设计的控制,通过本公司专有的控制技术,调节永磁机构线圈驱动功率,以获得断路器较佳分、合闸曲线、并使分、合末端有效的实现了软着陆, 大幅度降低了机械碰撞,较大的提高了机构构件的寿命。也免除了操作过程中,动、静导电杆因机构碰撞而积累的机构形变及所造成的超行程、开距变化。使用户无需再作调整。 


This products use permanent magnetic mechanism for the operation , rated voltage 12KV, rated frequency 50HZ, rated current 630A-3150A, short circuit current 16KA-40KA. It can be directly used in KYN28 switch cabinet, without any change to the cabinet.

Technical features

This product integrates vacuum, permanent magnet, intelligent control and other technologies. While maintaining the original advantages of ZN73 indoor vacuum circuit breaker, it has the following advantages: leading control technology and long service life. With the control of high-performance permanent magnet materials and high-grade microcomputer design, through the company's proprietary control technology, the coil driving power of permanent magnet mechanism is adjusted to obtain the best opening and closing curves of the circuit breaker, and the opening and closing ends effectively realize the soft landing, greatly reducing the mechanical collision. It also avoids the mechanism deformation accumulated by the mechanism collision between the moving and static conductive rods and the overtravel and distance change caused by the mechanism collision in the operation process. So that users do not need to make adjustments.

The performance of such circuit breaker has reached unprecedented heights in the industry, with a long service life of 20 years. During the operation in normal load current, no need any maintenance, adjustment and can be worked in frequently operation, shows its’ superiority characteristics.