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ZN85-40.5/T2000-31.5 型户内高压真空断路器 ( 以下简称断路器 ),适用于三相交流 50Hz, 额定电压 40.5kV 电力系统中,可供工矿企业、发电厂及变电站作为分合负荷电流、过载电流、故障电流之用。


三相灭弧室和相联带电体由三只独立的环氧树脂绝缘筒相隔离,构成复合绝缘结构,断路器满足正常运行条件下的空气距和爬电距要求,并有效地减小了断路器的体积。主导电回路真空灭弧室和动静导电联接安装在绝缘筒内,使相间距仅为 300mm。主回路电气连接全部采用固定式连接,具有很高的可靠性。绝缘筒安装在断路器框架上方。

为这种新断路器专门设计的弹簧操动机构,安装在断路器框架内 , 其结构特点更适合真空断路器上下布置形式 , 关成为断路器整体结构中不可分割的一部分。机构设计简单,输出曲线更适合 40.5kV 真空断路器的特点和要求。



ZN85-40.5/T2000-31.5 type indoor high voltage Vacuum circuit breaker (below said as VCB), is suitable for power system with 3-phaseAC 50HZ, rated voltage 40.5kV, it can be used as load current, overload current and fault current for mining enterprises, power plant and substation.

The breaker and the operation structure is upper and lower layout, reduced the depth effectively.

3-phase interrupter and associated live parts are isolated by three independent isolated epoxy insulating tube, act as the composite insulation structure. This VCB can meet the requirement of air distance and creepage distance, and reduce the size of the VCB effectively. 

Leading electric circuit interrupter, static and dynamic conductive connection install in the insulating tube which let the distance between the phase is only 300mm. All the leading electric circuit is fixed type, which makes the connection very stably. Insulating tube install on the upside of the frame.

The spring actuator specially designed for this type of new VCB, install inside of the frame, which is more suitable for the upper and lower structure, as an inseparable part of the VCB. The design of the VCB is simple, output curve is more suitable for the features and requirements f the 40.5kV VCB.

Overall layout is reasonable, beautiful, simple, with features as smaller volume, flexible operation, reliable characteristics, long endurance life, easier inspection, free of maintenance, etc. 

It is suitable for frequently operation, suitable for the places in very poor condition.