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SFM-40.5 型户内高压六氟化硫断路器交流 50HZ 三相系统中的户内装置。可供工矿企业、发电厂及变电所作为保护和控制之用。并可用于频繁操作场所。也可作为联络断路器和切合电容器组断路器。

SFM-40.5 型配用 CT10-A 型弹簧操动机构也可配用 CD10 Ⅲ G 电磁操动机构。

The indoor device of SFM-40.5 indoor high-voltage sulfur hexaoxide circuit breaker in AC 50HZ three-phase system. It can be used for protection and control in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations. And can be used in frequently operated places. 

It can also be used as contact circuit breaker and capacitor bank circuit breaker.

SFM-40.5 can be used with CT10-A spring operating mechanism or CD10 ⅲ G electromagnetic operating mechanism.

使用环境条件Environmental conditions of use

环境温度不高于 +40℃,不低于 -10℃。

海拔高度不超过 3000m。

相对温度不大于 90%(+20℃)。


The temperature is not higher than +40 ℃ 

and not lower than -10℃ . 

The altitude does not exceed 3000m.

The relative temperature is not more than 90%(+20℃ ). 

No fire danger, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration