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ZN63A(VS1)-12~24 型侧装式真空断路器是户内高压开关设备适用于额定电压 12~24kV、频率 50Hz 的三相电力系统中, 作为保护和控制电器使用,由于真空断路器的特别优良性,尤其适用于需要额定电流下的频繁操作,或多次开断短路电流的场所。

ZN63A(VS1)-12~24 型侧装式真空断路器采用固定式安装,主要用于固定式开关柜,该断路器既可单独使用,又可用于环网供电、箱式变或各种非标供电系统。

ZN63A(VS1)-12~24kV series side mounting vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor type high voltage equipment with rated voltage 12~24kV, 50Hz, suitable for 3-phase power system, used as protection and control electrical equipment. As the special advantages of the vacuum circuit breaker, it is specially used for the location which need frequently operating based on the rated current, or multiple breaking short circuit current.

ZN63A(VS1)-12~24kV side mounting vacuum circuit breakeris designed as fixed mounting type, and mainly used in fixed type switchgear. It can be used alone or can be used for Ring Main Unit, substation and non-standard power supply system.